FAAR training

Meeting your needs and constraints we have developed our modules in online, blended or onsite versions. Let's us know which one you feel most comfortable.

List of a few available modules

  • Introduction to Vehicle Control

  • Methodology for developing standard Control software

  • Vehicle Control for ADAS applications

  • Main components of control architecture : Sensors, Actuators, ECUs

  • Vehicle Control for ADAS applications Expert

  • Advanced Vehicle Control for ADAS & Autonomous Driving applications Expert++

FAAR gives engineering courses intended for automotive and electronics engineers, both in industry and universities. 

FAAR Industry is particularly proud to be the founder of the ESI2A School - Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénierie Automobile et Aéronautique / Automotive & Aviation Engineering University in Morocco.  


Our passion is to share competencies and transmit our knowledge to futur generations of engineers.