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Driving data collecting within Autonomous fleet

Gather mass vehicle data to analyze 

(a specific ECU managing the power made by FAAR Industry and ECM112)


  • Electrical/electronical architecture of acquisition system

  • System of power supply management and control, technical choice of hardware

  • Auxiliary Power Management System

  • Strategies for Energy Management

  • Interfacing vehicle CAN with sensors

  • Securing the vehicle CAN networks

  • Hardware conception, realization and integration

  • Harness definition and integration 

FAAR Industry Autonomous Car Data collection

FAAR Industry - main partner in VEDECOM Autonomous driving projects

  • See/Think/Act system benchmark

  • Perception, localizing and positioning system benchmarking

  • Functional architecture for autonomous driving algorithm

  • Gearbox selector modification into an electronic one

  • HMI and cluster complete modification into tactile screens

  • Mechanical integration

  • Software integration

  • Harness realization and integration

  • Test and support on the field


FAAR Industry Autonomous Car VEDECOM
FAAR Industry Pedal and Gear Box Bypassing

Acutators bypassing solutions

To bypass the accelerator pedal and gear box in order to drive autonomously (through a custom ECU based on GCM24)


Software development to  :

  • Gather the information « Driver pedal push» by reading electric signals from accelerator pedal

  • Send these signals to the vehicle supervisor

  • Simulate driver pedal state signals (push accelerator pedal) from the supervisor with actuating the pedal

  • Hardware conception, realization and integration

  • Harness definition 

FaarGO - our full autonomous driving kit


validated software pack

embedded on automotive hardware

open & evolutive ADAS architecture

safety and quality focused

meets the design of your vehicle (car, shuttle, bus ...)

integration, calibration & training


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