Driving data collecting within Autonomous fleet

Gather mass vehicle data to analyze 

(a specific ECU managing the power made by FAAR Industry and ECM112)


  • Electrical/electronical architecture of acquisition system

  • System of power supply management and control, technical choice of hardware

  • Auxiliary Power Management System

  • Strategies for Energy Management

  • Interfacing vehicle CAN with sensors

  • Securing the vehicle CAN networks

  • Hardware conception, realization and integration

  • Harness definition and integration 

FAAR Industry - main partner in VEDECOM Autonomous driving projects

  • See/Think/Act system benchmark

  • Perception, localizing and positioning system benchmarking

  • Functional architecture for autonomous driving algorithm

  • Gearbox selector modification into an electronic one

  • HMI and cluster complete modification into tactile screens

  • Mechanical integration

  • Software integration

  • Harness realization and integration

  • Test and support on the field


Acutators bypassing solutions

To bypass the accelerator pedal and gear box in order to drive autonomously (through a custom ECU based on GCM24)


Software development to  :

  • Gather the information « Driver pedal push» by reading electric signals from accelerator pedal

  • Send these signals to the vehicle supervisor

  • Simulate driver pedal state signals (push accelerator pedal) from the supervisor with actuating the pedal

  • Hardware conception, realization and integration

  • Harness definition 

FaarGO - our full autonomous driving kit


validated software pack

embedded on automotive hardware

open & evolutive ADAS architecture

safety and quality focused

meets the design of your vehicle (car, shuttle, bus ...)

integration, calibration & training


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