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FAAR Industry Kvaser Sales Partner
FAAR Industry Kvaser Technical Partner

CAN and LIN Modules

FAAR- PRONERGY provides CAN interfaces, LIN interfaces and dataloggers.

EASY CAN software which differentiates by its business model (License is linked to the interface) and its simplicity. It is an intuitive CAN network interface and analysis tool dedicated to Kvaser CAN interfaces. For daily use, EASY CAN offers powerful basic functions for beginners as well as extensive detailed functions for experienced users.

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CAN-USB Interface

Leaf Light Cardboard

Leaf Light OBD

Leaf Light USB

Leaf Light M12

Leaf Light Type II

The Kvaser Leaf Light V2 supports high USB for various connection type and offers high performance at low cost.

Loss free transmission and reception of standard and extended CAN messages on the CAN bus is transmitted with a time stamp precision of 100 microseconds.

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Kvaser USBcan R v2 2xHS is a lightweight, yet highly durable, two channel CAN bus interface. The IP65-rated housing
is made of aluminum alloy, sealed with a heavy-duty polyurethane coating that assures reliable protection against
water and dust ingress, and is vibration, shock and drop proof.


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Kvaser Leaf Pro

Leaf SemiPRO LS

Leaf SemiPRO HS

Leaf SemiPro Rugged HS

Leaf SemiPro SWC

A versatile and powerful interface that offers easy connection between your PC and CANbus network, it includes Kvaser's patented MagiSync feature for synchronized time-stamping, Galvanic Isolation for protection against voltage spikes, and Auto Transmit for placing messages on the bus at set intervals.


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USB CAN Light 2xHS

USB CAN Light 4xHS

The Kvaser USBcan Light 2xHS is a compact, reliable and cost-effective means of connecting two high-speed CAN
busses to a PC or mobile computer. With a USB 2.0 compliant connector at one end and two 9-pin D-SUB connectors


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Kvaser USB CAN Light 2xHS




The Kvaser USBcan II HS/LS is a two-channel CANbus (controller area network) interface for USB 1.1 and 2.0. One channel is configured for High Speed CAN
(ISO 11898-2);

second channel configures : 

either : LC : Low Speed or "fault tolerant"

or : SWC : Single-Wire CAN (SAE J2411)
A flexible way to connect your PC to the CANbus.


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It enables several interfaces to be easily connected to a desktop or laptop PC. With quick reaction times and high data throughput, the Kvaser USB CAN Professional is perfect for rapid ECU re-flashing, advanced bus analyzers, and efficient development work.




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CAN Datalogger Interface

Memorator Light

Designed for troubleshooting any CAN-based (controller area network) system, the Kvaser Memorator Light HS is
an easy-to-use tool for logging serial data, with no preconfiguration or software setup required. With an autobaud function that determines CAN bus bit rate, the Kvaser Memorator Light can be attached to any high-speed CAN bus without configuration.


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Memorator HS/SWC

Kvaser Memorator HS/SWC is a dual channel, intermediate performance, CAN
(controller area network) bus interface and standalone datalogger. This device
has one CAN channel for High-Speed CAN and the second for Single-Wire CAN. In interface mode, it connects to a PC with USB1.1.


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Kvaser Memorator

Memorator 2xHS

Memorator PRO 5XHS

Kvaser Memorator dual HS or Professional 5xHS is a five-channel, high-performance CAN bus interface and stand-alone data
logger that allows users to monitor and collect data from up to five CAN channels using just one device

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Memorator SEMIPRO R

Kvaser Memorator R SemiPro is an advanced, rugged, two channel CAN (controller area network) to USB interface and
standalone data logger - two products in one! To ruggedize the design, Kvaser has soldered the SD card to the PCB to make
sure it works error free even when exposed to vibration and shocks.


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Memorator PRO HS/LS


Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS is a two channel, high performance,
CAN (controller area network) bus interface and data logger. Standalone mode
logs data to an expandable SD card slot; interface mode connects to the PC
using USB2.0.


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Memorator PRO 2xHS

Memorator PRO 5xHS

Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS of 2xHS is a professional-level, multi channel CAN bus interface and standalone data logger offering advanced features such as message filtering, triggers, error detection and generation, silent mode, an expandable SD card slot up to 64G, and galvanic isolation. 5xHS supports CAN FD.

Both are connected to a PC with USB1.1

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CAN WLAN Interface

Kvaser BlackBird V2

BlackBird V2

Kvaser BlackBird v2 is a high performance wireless (WLAN) communication
link for the High Speed CAN bus. More powerful and versatile a WLAN solution
than Kvaser's original BlackBird, Kvaser BlackBird v2 incorporates a new radio
chip with up to 75% better range.

The BlackBird v2's ability to leverage existing wireless infrastructure makes it
ideal for replacing cumbersome cable, accessing hard-to-reach CAN networks,
or for monitoring a CANbus while in motion.



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Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS is a configuration-free wireless CAN bridge that achieves predictable latency, without
sacrificing stability or range.

Comprising a preconfigured pair of plug-and-play units to exchange raw CAN data, the Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS is designed for environments or situations that make wired connection unsuitable or challenging e.g., between two moving parts that are connected by CAN.


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CAN-Ethernet Interface

Kvaser Ethercan Light HS

EtherCAN Light HS


The Kvaser EtherCAN Light HS CAN to Ethernet interface facilitates the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept within modern manufacturing environments by enabling data from any CAN product or system to be accessed over the Internet, via an Ethernet equipped PC.


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CAN-PCI Interface

Kvaser PCIcanx II HS

PCICANx II (single HS)

PCI CANx II (dual HS)

The Kvaser PCICANx II HS single or HS/HS dual channel high speed CAN (controller area network) interface board for the PCI-X and PCI bus. It features an on-board microcontroller for offloading your main CPU and galvanic isolation for protection against voltage spikes.


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Kvaser PCIEcan HS

PCIECAN (single HS)



Kvaser PCIECAN (single, dual or quad) channel, CAN (controller area network) interface board for the PCI Express bus that features galvanic isolation for protection against voltage spikes.




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Kvaser Mini PCI Express

Mini PCI Express (single HS)

Mini PCI Express (dual HS)


The Kvaser Mini PCI Express HS is a highly-integrated CAN (controller area network) add-on board that lets embedded system developers add CAN functionality to any standard computer board with mini PCI Express capability.



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CANX (single HS)

CANX (dual HS)

CANX (quad HS)

Kvaser PCIcanx (fom 1 to 4 HS, high speed CAN (controller area network) interface that can be used in both regular
PCI and PCI-X slots. Galvanically isolated CAN bus drivers protect the hardware, whilst the on board micro controller ensures high throughput.

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LIN Interface & Accessories

Kvaser Leaf Light V2

Leaf LIN


Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN is a flexible, dual-channel interface that allows each channel to be assigned
independently as CAN, CAN FD or LIN. This makes the Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN a must-have “universal interface”




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Kvaser Leaf LIN

Leaf Pro LIN

The Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN provides an easy of connecting a PC with LIN bus devices.

Compatible with both LIN 1.3 and 2.x, the Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN incorporates advanced features like error handling, silent mode for analyzing tools, and 100% compatibility.

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