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FAAR Industry Career Electronic Engineer, Mechatronics, Real Time, Embedded Systems, Control Systems, Automotive Electric Autonomous and Hybrid vehicle



the following engineering profiles





  • Electronics, micro controllers, electric converters​

  • Mechatronics

  • Real time embedded systems: drivers, RTOS

  • Automation and feed-back control system.





  • Automotive software specification: engine management, hydraulics

  • Automotive embedded software development: process, certification  

  • Engine calibration: dyno and vehicle behaviour

  • Electronic system integration




  • Capability to manage the development of complex systems creativity

  • Capability to build wire harnesses and make vehicle       

  • electronic integration

  • Currently speak french and english​​



4 reasons to join our team !


Team spirit

& ambiance


Constantly evolving and knowledge sharing


International ambition and local development


Innovation is our motto

Job opportunity

We’re looking for the best, the brightest and the hungriest for innovation.


We welcome people of all ages, nationalities and all stripes: software and hardware development, data science, product strategy, industrial design and beyond.


Our most important criteria are team spirit, curiosity, creativity and a commitment to making a better mobility world.

You can submit your job application via the following email

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