Package monitoring in a car-sharing application

  • Different technologies of connectivity system configuration and integration (WiFi, RFID, 4G, BT) 

  • System architecture of the final solution 

  • HW & SW choice and integration at 3 levels : 

- Network : POE switches & telematic box integration, network  set up, wiring harnesses

- Power supply : Energy balance, DC/AC, batteries integration, 

- Control commands : alarm, locking system through mobile    devices, camera system for intrusion detection

  • Control commands software development according to different use cases / Risks management 

  • Design and implementation of Alarm function

  • Validation of the final solution

Ride-sharing concept & Autonomous driving HMI

Choice of a hardware and software architecture embedded in the vehicle :

  • HMI units as customer interface 

  • Connection to mobile devices for ride-sharing application

  • IP camera for QR Codes reading 

  • Ethernet Router to make a bridge between the cloud and the on-board network

  • Open Air VISTEON Plateform

  • 4G Cloud connection 

  • Development of a specific CAN/Ethernet gateway 

  • Embedded solution for communication with the onboard vehicle network

  • System integration, testing & validation 

  • Testing in real conditions, calibration et validation 

  • Exhibition support

Manage an intelligent intersection with 3 autonomous vehicles running on an “8” track

Robotizing and electrification of vehicles :

  • Choice of mechanic system,

  • Electric and electronic architecture,

  • Optimal power management


Reliability of automation and user safety:

  • Integration of perception of the environment to detect obstacles,

  • vehicle location,

  • and analysis stage software;  



  • Remote diagnostic,

  • V2V, V2I communication,

  • fleet management.