Development Tools

FAAR Industry can help its customers to develop control systems by themselves by offering all the required tools for model-based programming, flashing and calibration tool and interfacing with other control units that exchange data in standard format. 



EASY CAN is an intuitive CAN network interface and analysis tool dedicated to Kvaser CAN interfaces. For daily use, EASY CAN offers powerful basic functions for beginners as well as extensive detailed functions for experienced users. EASY CAN also includes advanced analysis tools.


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Software that enables CAN database file (. Dbc) conversion into Matlab file (.M) to be used in Matlab / Simulink strategies.


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Model Based Design Tools


MotoHawk/Raptor are control system application development tools that allow the user to create Simulink diagrams that run on the rugged Control Solutions', automotive-quality embedded control modules (Specific Controllers) . Developers work directly in the Simulink environment with MotoHawk/Raptor blocks as well as native Simulink blocks and features.


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