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FAAR offers a range of Electronic Control Units that can be programmed with Matlab Simulink and the MotoHawk tool suite. They are based on volume production engine, hydraulic and general purpose control units from Visteon and Continental. They have been adapted for model-based software design. These modules offer the combination of high flexibility of prototypes and robustness of mass-produced automotive controllers. 


MotoHawk Controllers and complimentary MotoHawk software offer an alternative approach to the traditional programming languages: These controllers allow developers to leverage the graphical programming environment of MATLAB Simulink to quickly and easily create, edit, and debug application software.


We propose the following types of controllers:


  • Body Control Modules (BCMs)

  • Engine Control Modules (ECMs)

  • General Control Modules (GCMs)

  • Hydraulic Control Modules (HCMs)


The controllers range in pin count, input, output, memory, and processor configuration.


Most modules are available in ‘F’ (Flash) or ‘C’ (Calibratible) versions. Flash modules are typically used for production purposes. Calibratible modules are typically for prototyping/development purposes and can be calibrated in real time using MotoTune or another calibration tool.


ECUs Summary



Connectors and Harnesses

Connector Kits
ECU Reboot Materials
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