MotoHawk ® / MotoTune ®

MotoHawk® is a controls system application development tool that allows the user to create Simulink® diagrams that run on the MotoHawk Control Solutions' rugged, automotive-quality embedded control modules.


MotoHawk is intended for control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. MotoHawk is built on Woodward's ControlCore® production software framework and supports a variety of applications using both single controller and distributed by-wire implementations. MotoHawk is a powerful development and prototyping system for Simulink/Stateflow users. Control models prototyped with MotoHawk move seamlessly from development into production.


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MotoHawk Overview

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MotoTune is a Calibration/Display tool, part of MotoHawk Control Solutions. MotoTune is included when purchase MotoHawk Control Solution.


N.B.: If you want a custom MotoTune Package, please contact us.