FAAR celebrates its 15 years of achievement & innovation.

FAAR celebrates this year the 15 years of its existence; the opportunity to present its major achievements and meet with its partners, to perpetuate the event, and also to celebrate its national and international growth and prepare for the future.

Hence, this event will be celebrated on April 4th in the new premises and will open a technological showroom with demonstrators focused on mobility and energy. The latter will highlight the expertise of FAAR and Pronergy in connectivity, autonomous driving, vehicle robotizing, desing of EE architecture, control commands development and power electronics.

In addition, the day will know the setting of an innovation workshop with the participation of the guests, an interactive exhibition of the products and solutions of FAAR, a strategic keynote of our CEO Mr. Khalid AYOUCHE with further friendly discussions at the mid of a succulent cocktail.

Rendez-vous on April 4th at 11:00 am to perpetuate the event.