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Electrical vehicle robotizing

Automated electrical vehicle for Autonomous driving SW development, validation and testing


  • Steering wheel control

  • Braking control

  • Driving control

  • Custom Automatic Parking brake development

  • Manuel / Auto / Cooperating / Parking mode switch

  • Controls virtualizing 

FAAR Industry Electric Vehicle Robotizing
FAAR Industry Thermic Vehicle Robotizing

Thermic vehicle robotizing 


  • Feasibility study of different solutions (ex. through a specific bypassing hardware developed by FAAR Industry or through a mechanical solution) 

  • Choice of the driving actuators

  • Low-layer automation

  • Control strategies development

  • Safety and emergency brake management,

  • Diagnostic and supervision

  • HMI integration 

  • Integration, calibration and validation

  • Support, training and documentation

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