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Our core business is the study and production of specific and industrial equipment through an expertise confirmed for years with highly technological tools.



Engineering and production of custom energy convertors for severe environment from 1VA up to 50 kVA 

EMC Filters et network

Custom Active Filter up to 1000A

providing operational filtering of noise and interference  

(cf. MIL-STD-461, EN 50155,...)

in severe environments and EN60939 compatible.

Custom Active Filter

solving various start issues of generators or motors.


Active Filter for UPS (anti-bip) for levelization and regulation of spike & sure.

Renovation, reverse engineering, cloning and modernization

In order to fight against product obsolescence, PRONERGY offers its expertise in the renovation and modernization of your electronic systems (identical or with the integration of innovative technology) including the following services: electronic circuit studies, printed circuit design, 3D design, thermal study simulation (Flowsim), mechanics, qualification (internal or laboratory).

Specific technological skills :
  • Supercapacitors and all types of batteries (li-ion, Nicd, pure lead,...)

  • Design, prototyping and manufacturing of power transformers

  • Control of the identical reproduction of obsolete equipment (routing, size, characteristics)

  • Design of our own automatic controllers for the analysis and processing of electrical energy distribution

  • Mastery of EMC and embedded filter design

  • Mastery of standards and laboratory qualifications : EN 50155, CE, CE, MEDICAL, UL, CSA, MIL-STD461, MIL-STD810, DO160, ABD100, RCCE, CRT 91.C.112.00, NF EN 61000, MIL-STD 1399, STANAG 1008, ATEX, OCIMF,...

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