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Quality policy : 

PRONERGY's quality policy aims to make our priorities real commitments on a daily basis.


We place customer satisfaction at the heart of our strategy and ethics

  • Reflect customer expectations to better meet their needs

  • Measure the level of customer satisfaction and set improvement objectives

  • Adapting our Supply Chain to our customers' industrial processes

We place continuous improvement of our performance at the heart of our innovation policy

  • Ensure the excellence of our equipment and services

  • Putting our technical know-how and experience to work for our customers

  • Imagine and design the products of tomorrow to better anticipate customer needs

We empower and train our employees to be the driving force behind our Quality Management System

  • Our managers lead by example and are at the center of the QMS

  • Ensure the development of our employees' skills and their versatility

  • Listen to our employees to stimulate the improvement of the QMS

We are committed to providing the means and resources necessary for the realization of this policy, including the implementation of a Quality Management System aimed at maintaining and improving the quality of our products and services daily.

The Quality Manager has full authority for the implementation of the Quality Management System and must report periodically to us on its proper functioning and effectiveness.


The Direction

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