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35 years of expertise in energy conversion

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PRONERGY is a French company with more than 35 years of experience in electrical energy conversion and storage, automation products and system integration.

A reference player in its sector, PRONERGY has acquired solid expertise in the military, nuclear, aeronautical and other fields, and today has the capacity to respond to any request for customized equipment, whatever the level of requirement in terms of severe environment, technicality and performance.

In 2016 PRONERGY joined the FAAR Industry group, an expert in embedded control electronics, thus opening up to other sectors, gaining stability and further strengthening the development and innovation capacity.  

  • Research and Technolog

  • Innovation

  • Study

  • Prototyping

  • Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Normative and Functional Qualification 

  • Maintenance in Operational Condition 

  • Renovation and Modernization

  • Treatment of Obsolescence – Lifetime

EN 9100

Code OTAN : F7250

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